wtorek, 3 maja 2016

Mini holidays at home

We spent a lazy Sunday in bed,
with good food. Husband slept long after a tough week of work and then watching football. I was in the kitchen preparing food. I cooked chicken soup, meatballs with tomato sauce, mashed potatoes. And sweet semolina with raspberry juice for dessert.

Monday we spent actively in the open air. We had two small guests. There were ice cream, lots of walks and a playground. There was also coffee and sweet laziness. For lunch macaroni casserole - as tasty and fast and try to bake butter rolls. Was a phone call from a home and change of plans due to another phone. It was an evening walk, a good night kiss from My Love.

Today, we just laze. We eat leftovers and watch movies. The front line moved to the bedroom and we watch the world from the balcony. Today, only two of us, before lunch little argument and kiss agreement. Evening just for me, because the husband goes to work. Now he sleeps sweetly snoring.

Oh, so our short vacation. In the rays of the May sun. I feel good today, well with my husband.

And what about you? Whether you had a good weekend?

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