piątek, 6 maja 2016

How to make HOME?

Home is your family, love and warmth that you give each other. Home is the confidence that you're never alone.
But home is also the walls and everything what is inside.

In connection with removal constantly I wonder how I would like to look my new house. So far, we stayed in a one bedroom apartment in a block of concrete slab. Apartment is neat, not very spacious, but enough for us. Before we bought the our first furniture we really long talk about what we like and how we would like to decorate our home. We chose black and white minimalizm. At the beginning we had nothing.
It is nice to have. Low cabinets, hanging shelves and a small dresser. Black leather sofa and glass coffee table. We bought a huge ing size bed, beautiful and comfortable. We were so happy! Unfortunately, the bed does not fit into the rented apartment, so it left for my Love's parents.

We arranged a living room, which also is our bedroom, living room, guest room, dining area and everything what we actually need. Unfortunately, we have a problem with storing our stuff. As I mentioned - we opted for minimalism. Slim and elegant, unobtrusive, nice small size and simplicity of shape - unfortunately - nonfunctional. Nothing fit, it's not enough space, not enough drawers, not enough shelves. Even our beautiful, blac sofa is not suitable for sleeping. On the table while you see each streak, which brings me to passion.

There is another drawback of minimalism. The design is simple and cool, the house is not enough worm. I miss a sense of comfort and a wool blanket. I lack the soft cushions and a carpet underfoot. I lack a sense of home. And I and my M. treat the place like waiting room. We want to make it nice, good looking, but do not even try to get settled. From the beginning we knew that this solution only for a while. And what's next? To be continued...

And how you feel in your homes, apartments, studios? How you decorate your place? Are you happy there? Because it is the most important!

Regards :)

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