niedziela, 1 maja 2016

Handsome young man, my Brother

After work on Thursday I ran into the house, quickly founded something comfortable, grabbed my suitcase and I went to the family home.

Home-home, which is sunniest place on earth.

I spent time with my mother in the kitchen, cooking and baking cakes. I like these our time with coffee, lots of laughter and serious talks Mother with her daughter, the wife with the wife, a woman with a woman. With an excess of excitement we went to bed at 21.00 - and although the neck almost thirty of -  I still love to cuddle up to my Mom.

My little brother, almost an adult now - I can not stop looking at him. When I entered adulthood, he was still a baby, maybe eight years old? He is not kid any more - even he has a girlfriend, first one. I am proud of him. He is a nice guy - smart and funny, kind and warm. Handsome young man - but probably I am not objective.

At home I charged batteries for the next week, supported and comforted Mom, Dad hugged and kissed. I ate delicacies and I laughed. I got a cup and a hairdryer - Daddy loves me! Visit a success,  I already can not wait for next one. I love my home!

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