sobota, 30 kwietnia 2016

001 so I have to introduce myself

Welcome! My name is Agnes.

Agnieszka,Agusia, Aga. Some call me daughter, the other sister, and even is the one Lord who calls me Love. May is coming - and we plan to start a new life. We - I mean me with my husband, my love.

I decided to collect memories. Thoughts and photographs of this long road, which is called life. Ahead of us a tough time. There were Big Fluctuations, followed by Big Decisions. Now is time for the Big Packaging and Long Journey. Probably many more Big, Long and Difficult in front of us, but I hope also for the Beautiful, Fun and Happy.

I'll be here to live, to love and to clean. I will capture the smiles of days and to be able to return to them when it is difficult for me. Let this be my album of mine and his, our life. Our life in a nutshell. Set, Go!

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